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Rejuvenate Your Skin With Vampire Facelift (Non-surgical) Treatment In Mumbai, India

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Vampire Facelift

The face is the most prominent feature of a person reflecting the overall wellbeing of a person and undergoes aging. Aging of the skin includes fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Some people tend to accept their changes while others are motivated to prevent them and improve upon them.

Usual changes in the face involve-

  • Skin- Pigmentary changes due to sun damage and reduced blood flow to the skin.
  • The shape of the face- Droopy look due to reduced collagen and muscle and bone mass.
  • The texture of the skin and excess strain.
  • The most important aging change to the skin is damage to the building block which are the fibrous structures of the skin. This destruction and non-replacement of collagen and fibrin cause volume loss as well as laxity in the skin. This can be improved through various non-surgical procedures.

    The newest trend in people wanting a non-surgical improvement to their face albeit temporary (lasts for a few months) is the Vampire Facelift. This involves a combination of using Hyaluronic acid fillers to add volume to the face and at the same time adding the growth factors from patients own blood (Thus the term Vampire). The principle of this technique is that the normal process of healing of skin and tissue involves moving in of platelets along with their growth factors. This, in turn, stimulates the formation of new collagen and microscopic blood vessels which is also stimulated by the use of blood products.

This procedure involves-

    Assessing the volume loss, following which volume replacement is done using USFDA, approved hyaluronic acid fillers. This restores the youthful volume and shape of the face. The new step is the most crucial in which we harvest a few milliliters of the patients own blood by a sterile technique. Using cold centrifuge platelet are isolated from the blood. These are then activated to cause the release of growth factors. These growth factors are normally required to stimulate healing in injured tissue. These are injected in a grid pattern so that all areas are covered. The injection is done at the subdermal level so that the collagen is stimulated. This gives a plump look to the skin along with increasing the blood supply and bringing in more nutrients to the area.

    Healing continues for a few days and brings about rejuvenation and glow to the face due to new collagen formation and more blood in the skin. The effect lasts from a few months to a year after which further maintenance may be required A word of caution, this procedure may not be very effective in people who have very prominent age changes with excess skin, a surgical facelift will be the only option for them.


Frequently Asked Questions

We like to assist our clients with a knowledgeable and in-depth collective approach to answer for all your queries and fears with our FAQ mega-base.

This is the process of achieving facial rejuvenation and youthfulness non surgically by the use of a combination of autologous growth factors and hyaluronic acid fillers.

The cost varies from clinic to clinic and is primarily based on the type of filler used and the technique of PRP used for the procedure.

People who have early signs of facial aging, loss of glow and appearance of dullness, facial changes due to weight loss, etc are ideal candidates for such procedures. This is good for maintenance of the fullness in the face as this is a sign of youthfulness.

The benefits of this procedure include fullness and youthfulness of the facial skin, improvement of glow as well as dark circles, and in some cases the improvement of open pores if combined with a derma roller treatment.

This usually lasts for 8-12 months after which touch up or add on procedures may be required.

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