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We offer a host of Plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures which aim at restoring form and function lost due to congenital problems, trauma, cancer, or other surgeries. With Dr. Thomas having trained at Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York and Dr. D’silva spending a long time at Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore, the Mecca of reconstruction, we aim at offering the best treatment to our patients with world-class results.

We are fully equipped to handle facial and hand injuries which include soft tissue and bony injuries and also post cancer and congenital deformities which may need further procedures. We follow international protocols to ensure comprehensive medical and surgical care. Planned reconstructive surgeries such as scar revisions, vitiligo surgery, alopecia treatment, management of giant hairy nevus, removal of benign tumours etc form a large quantum of procedures undertaken at DMTA.

Breast reconstruction has evolved significantly in the last few years with early diagnosis of breast cancer and patients considering reconstruction of the breasts so that they feel whole again. Historically, post mastectomy breast reconstruction was largely limited to subpectoral two-staged prosthetic reconstruction and autologous abdominal flap-based reconstruction. Today, the armamentarium of breast reconstruction methods is enhanced with options such as direct-to-implant reconstruction, alternative flap reconstruction and hybrid breast reconstruction.

Post-surgical deformities especially those after cosmetic surgeries are some of the other reconstructive cases that are handled at Dr. Mohan Thomas Aesthetics. Deformities secondary to cosmetic surgery cause a tremendous mental strain and distress to the patient, as a consequence such patients should be handled tenderly and they should not be given false hopes. We undertake only time tested procedures which may be minimalistic but provide the best outcomes.

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