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Lose Weight And Improve Metablism With Bariatric Surgery At Best Cost In Mumbai, India

Bariatric (Weight Loss) Surgery

Bariatric surgery, also known as weight loss surgery or metabolic surgery, impacts the patient’s weight primarily and health and metabolism in the long run. This is a short, usually less complicated surgery done through minimal incisions that can help you lead a better quality of life and a longer, healthier lifespan. In addition to giving people their dream appearance, this surgery can also help in treating diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, high cholesterol among many other diseases. Reducing the amount of fat percentage in the body can also prevent future health problems and help lead a healthy life.

How does Bariatric Surgery work?

Over decades, metabolic and bariatric operations have been among the best-studied treatments. Today’s weight loss surgery in India has been refined over time.

Dr Mohan Thomas and his team have been in the practice for decades and are well versed with the advancement in modern medical technology. Dr Thomas’ team makes small incisions using minimally invasive surgical techniques (laparoscopic and robotic surgery). These advancements allow the patients to experience less pain, fewer complications, shorter stays in the hospital and speedy recovery. As compared to other common operations such as gallbladder removal, hysterectomy and hip replacement, the bariatric surgery cost in India is much less and affordable. The complication rates are also comparatively much lower specially with the US standard of care provided by us. The bariatric surgery cost in Mumbai depends on factors like- the type of surgery, the type of facilities chosen, medical condition of the patient, recovery period and stay, usages of medications and additional investigations.

When do you need Weight loss Surgery?

Severe obesity is one of the biggest problems faced by a lot of people these days. Even though people follow a proper diet plan, weight sometimes continues to be a problem for many. Bariatric surgery is the only effective treatment to fight severe cases of obesity.

Advantages of getting a weight loss surgery in Mumbai:

  • They are technically simple and require shorter surgery time
  • Can be safely performed in certain patients with high-risk medical conditions
  • It may be performed as the first step to cure severe obesity
  • It is effective in weight loss procedures and improvement of obesity-related conditions thus improving the overall life span.

Severe obesity is one of the biggest problems faced by a lot of people these days. Even though people follow a proper diet plan, weight sometimes continues to be a problem for many. Bariatric surgery is the only effective treatment to fight severe cases of obesity.

The best doctor for Bariatric Surgery in Mumbai

What sets Dr Mohan Thomas and his team apart from other cosmetic surgeons is their passion for helping people look and feel their best. Dr Mohan Thomas Aesthetics is the most preferred choice and one of the Best Cosmetic Surgery Clinics in Mumbai. The team dedicates special attention to understanding every patient’s case, suggest the best possible treatment and explain the procedure to the patients. Dr Mohan Thomas and his team of specialized dieticians, nurses and counsellors make it a point to equip his patients with a personalized diet plan to ensure the nutritional adequacy of patients. Schedule an appointment today, connect with our experts or check out our website to know all about Bariatric Surgery costs in India.


    After Bariatric Surgery, the confidence that a patient exudes is undefinable. In case of patients who have lost a lot of weight due to surgery there is usually residual lax skin that bothers them. Patients go through a ‘DEFLATION SYNDROME’ a term coined by Dr. Mohan Thomas to describe the loose hanging skin secondary to massive weight loss.

    Face is a region which responds well to bariatric surgery in terms of good skin retraction. It usually doesn’t present commonly with lax skin but in some people who lose a lot of volume from their face, their face ages disproportionately. They would need a combination of procedures to replace the volume as well as bring back the youthfulness.

    Chest in males is a region that bothers most men due to hanging loose skin post bariatric surgery. Based on the amount of resistant fat and lax skin, treatment options vary from liposuction alone to, liposuction with skin excision. In extreme cases skin excision is performed along with nipple repositioning using a free nipple graft technique.

    Breasts in females see significant ptosis (drooping) post deflation. Based on the ptosis and amount of lax skin present, treatment may vary from breast implant alone to breast implant with mastopexy or breast lift. These are minimalistic surgeries which are permanent and help achieve a proportionate upper body.

    Arms are another area which may show excess skin post deflation. Older and heavier the patient before weight loss, more the excess skin hang. Treatment in such patients varies to a great extent from performing skin tightening non-surgically using Energy based devices (radiofrequency skin tightening) to surgically using simple liposuction, liposuction with radiofrequency skin tightening or brachioplasty in extreme cases.

    Abdomen is an area of major concern even though it is covered by clothing because there is a lot going on in that area. Loose abdomen skin hangs down the pubic area covering the genitals which could significantly lead to skin infections apart from compromising sexual health. Loose skin over the abdomen based on the severity can be corrected using VASER, Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL), or abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) with the repositioning of umbilicus. Pubic lift is also performed at the same time to reposition the pubic area to a much higher position. Any muscle divarication that is seen is corrected using rectus plication technique.

    Thighs, especially the medial aspect are more vulnerable to the changes that happen after deflation. This area can be addressed by performing Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL) on the medial aspect and VASER on the anterior and lateral aspects. In severe cases, a thigh lift is done to remove the loose skin.

    Buttocks, may become flat and hang southwards. This can happen due to volume loss secondary to deflation. We can address that by undertaking a butt lift procedure that is done along with fat transfer to buttocks or by autologous butt augmentation where the patient’s own tissue is used to build a more contoured buttock.

    Genitals, in males usually get buried due to the excess skin. This is addressed by performing an abdominoplasty and pubic lift. Genitals in females, apart from descending down can also loose volume of the labia majora. The hanging pubic area, especially in patients with previous history of normal child birth is addressed using abdominoplasty and a pubic lift. The deflation that happens in the labia majora can be addressed permanently using fat transfer to labia majora or temporarily using dermal fillers.



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