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Tummy Tuck

Prolonged deposition of excess fat in the anterior abdominal wall makes the skin and underlying soft tissue grow along and become droopy. Males and females with excess abdominal skin as well as fat need a surgical procedure to remove both fats as well as the skin. This procedure is known as tummy tuck surgery in India.

If the excess skin is minimal we can get away with a mini-abdominoplasty or a mini tummy tuck. The patients in whom the hang or droop of extra skin and fat is significant will require a traditional tummy tuck in Mumbai, wherein the umbilicus needs to be repositioned as well in addition to removal of excess tissue. Depending on whether the abdominal muscles are stretched and separated, Dr Mohan Thomas, India’s leading body contouring surgeon might decide to tighten these abdominal muscles and determine the duration of stay and tummy tuck cost in Mumbai as well.

Salient Features of Tummy Tuck

  • - This surgical procedure “tummy tuck in India” helps in removal of loose, hanging abdominal skin which is most visible after weight loss, pregnancy, and liposuction.
  • Tummy tuck in Mumbai only tightens the skin and muscles but does not help you lose weight. You have to exercise as well as watch your calorie intake to lose weight.
  • Weakness in the muscle wall like a hernia or the muscle separation called divarication can be treated and operated at the same time with no additional scars.
  • Changes in the genital area secondary to pregnancy and weight loss are also surgically improved at the same time through a pelvic lift making the tummy tuck surgery cost in Mumbai worth the results.
  • A tummy tuck alone is usually beneficial for people who are of normal body weight but have loose abdomen skin. It is also indicated in people who are not concerned about their weight but have very loose abdomen skin which prevents them from cleaning their private parts.
  • Note- This surgery is not a solution for stretch marks on the abdomen.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We like to assist our clients with a knowledgeable and in-depth collective approach to answer for all your queries and fears with our FAQ mega-base.

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure performed on people having loose abdomen skin secondary to weight loss or pregnancy. A tummy tuck involves making an incision low in the abdomen, so as to remove the loose skin without leaving any tell-signs of surgery. The umbilicus (belly button) may also be repositioned along with tightening of the muscle wall and a pelvic lift.

A partial or Mini tummy tuck is indicated in people who have loose skin only in the lower abdomen. The advantage of a mini tummy tuck is that the scar is shorter and the umbilicus (belly button) is usually not required to be moved. Mini tummy tuck scar is well hidden within the undergarments and is not visible even in a bikini. But the limitations of a mini tummy tuck are that it is not a panacea for all ranges of abdominal skin excess and gives an unaesthetic appearance in improperly selected candidates particularly in respect to the asymmetrically placed umbilicus or fullness above the umbilicus.

Pregnancy and dramatic increase in weight can cause significant stretching of the skin which when repeated or prolonged can cause loss of skin elasticity along with tears in the dermis layer. When the volume of abdominal contents reduce and the stretch factor is gone, the skin will not shrink back to the underlying muscle contour, resulting in lax skin and stretch marks. Stretch or striae marks are more visible after weight loss.

‘Tummy bulge’ is the protrusion of the upper abdomen seen due to weakness in the abdominal muscles. This bulge is resistant to exercises; rather it increases when the patient undertakes abdominal crunches due to an increase in the intra-abdominal pressure. This can be only treated by muscle tightening, which is undertaken as part of tummy tuck surgery.

We usually undertake liposuction contouring of the abdomen, flanks and back in association with a tummy tuck. This is the only way by which 3-dimensional contouring of the abdomen can be done.

Dr. Mohan Thomas usually suggests a week's rest before joining work. Medically speaking you can join in 3 days after the surgery if the liposuction is limited. More days of recovery are required in case the abdominal muscles have been strengthened.

Unmarried people can surely undergo this procedure. The only precaution that Dr. Thomas takes in such circumstances is the limited dissection and muscle tightening so that pregnancy, later on, is safely possible. There are no changes in the internal or external reproductive organs due to this procedure.

A tummy tuck is associated with a well-hidden pencil line scar low in your abdomen. The scar around the belly button is barely visible. These scars usually heal very well and are barely noticeable after 9-12 months.

Pressure garment helps in supporting the skin as well as in reducing the post-operative swelling. It has to be used continuously for 6 weeks if Tummy Tuck has been associated with significant areas of liposuction.

  1. Collection of blood and fluid under the skin called Seroma (Rare and easily managed by removal using a needle and compression).
  2. Infection along the stitch line causing delayed healing (treated by higher antibiotics).
  3. Touch up procedures may be required to correct minor asymmetries.
  4. Bulges at the end of the scar called dog ears (usually seen when the scar length is limited and can be corrected by minor surgery under local anesthesia).
  5. Loss of blood supply of skin causing skin necrosis (very rare and usually seen in smokers- usually heals on its own or with minor surgery). Dr. Mohan Thomas and his team at Dr. Mohan Thomas Aesthetics takes all necessary precautions. They specialize in corrective cosmetic surgeries and know when the healing is not according to plan. They intervene at the earliest so that the healing can progress smoothly.

This surgery is customized for your requirements hence the cost of this surgery depends on many variables which include the extent of liposuction, need for hernia repair, mesh requirement, the hospital you choose and the number of days stay that may be required. So the best way to know about the costs is to come and meet Dr. Mohan Thomas and his team personally or send pictures of your body taken from the front, both sides and back exposing your areas of concern. This will help the team at Dr. Mohan Thomas Aesthetics to make a treatment plan and get back to you with the cost. Call us right NOW on +91 22 67337500 and schedule an appointment.



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