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Healing Beyond Scars: Overcoming Facial Trauma with Expert Surgical Techniques

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Facial Trauma

Injury to the face (Facial trauma) can be a devastating outcome of vehicle accidents, human assault and injuries during sports. The injury can be superficial and cause a scar in the skin with no functional deformity but with a major cosmetic challenge or it can be more deep and have the possibility of causing lifelong issues with function (chewing, speech, and breathing) thus playing continuously with the patient’s psychology.

The Surgeons at Dr. Mohan Thomas Aesthetics are some of the most experienced facial trauma surgeons in the country as their practice includes acute, secondary and paediatric facial trauma. Their significant experience and the cranio-facial and dental knowledge makes them capable of repairing and reconstructing not only the facial soft tissues but also the facial bones and they can provide customized inputs to the dentists who can design your bite as well as smile.

    The goals in managing facial trauma are
  • Restoring anatomy and eliminating deformity
  • Restoring occlusion and masticatory abilities
  • Restoring function including nasal airflow and ocular function
  • Minimising morbidity
  • Early return to function

Many a times such injuries require an assessment using the latest in investigation such as an MRI scan. Not all facial injuries or fractures require immediate repair. In fact, it is occasionally appropriate to permit swelling to resolve before deciding if surgery is required.

Facial trauma remains a major source of injury in all parts of the world. Its management involves many disciplines in the hospital setting, but knowledge of occlusion, the masticatory apparatus and anatomy that is part of the Plastic and dental curriculum is important for the best outcomes. Plastic Surgeons and Oral & Maxillofacial surgeons are typically involved in the management of this trauma, and many of the patients will subsequently require further dental treatment following reduction of fractures. Hence a trained and experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon is very important to provide you with comprehensive care.

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