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Dimple Surgery (Creation) For Gorgeous Dimples At Best Cost In Mumbai, India

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Dimple Creation

Many people consider dimples as an attractive feature. Few people have it by birth, whereas few get a dimple done for themselves surgically.

What Manifests a Dimple?

    A naturally occurring dimple is formed by an abnormality in one of the muscles of facial expression. Zygomaticus major muscle is sometimes bifid at the point of its dermal insertion. Few people have a dimple which is seen even when they are not active. Few people show dimple only when they are active.


    The only probable indication to get a dimple done is for aesthetic concerns. Many people like the naive look and cute smile which is enhanced by a dimple.


    The surgery is a day care procedure. It can be performed most of the times under local anesthesia. The surgical site is prepared with betadine scrub. Local anesthesia is infiltrated in the area to be operated. An incision is placed from within the mouth on the cheek mucosa, then muscle (buccinator) is then exposed. It is incised. The dissection reaches dermis. The surgeon then holds the dermis and sutures it to the intraoral mucosa. Suturing is the key in creating a dimple as it holds the mucosa and the dermis together until scar tissue is formed to hold the created dimple in position.

After Surgery

  • A dressing may be given for a couple of days.
  • Proper wound care must be taken.
  • Following instructions of the surgeons is very important.
  • Initially, dimples appear both at rest & in animation for 6 to 8 weeks, later they gradually disappear and are only present during facial expression.


    Dimple creation surgery is 100% safe and effective and is also potentially reversible. Results vary from person to person based on the healing capability and skin type. The depth of the dimple may also vary from person to person and it is one of the factors which patients need to discuss with their surgeon before getting operated for dimple.


  • Continued swelling.
  • Asymmetry if performed bilaterally.
  • Pus formation because of any reason.
  • Loosening of knot.
  • Transient facial nerve weakness.

Before & After

Get rid of those dark days. Promote and encourage your beauty evolution with us. Recreate and redraw yourself like these before and after happy faces!

Prof. Dr. Mohan Thomas Rhinoplasty Prof. Dr. Mohan Thomas Rhinoplasty

✱ Results may vary person to person.

Prof. Dr. Mohan Thomas Rhinoplasty Prof. Dr. Mohan Thomas Rhinoplasty

✱ Results may vary person to person.


Frequently Asked Questions

We like to assist our clients with a knowledgeable and in-depth collective approach to answer for all your queries and fears with our FAQ mega-base.

Total Time for Surgery 1 hour
Anesthesia Type Local
Pain Level during the surgery Minimal Pain
How many days hospital stay is required after the treatment/surgery? No Hospital Stay
Flyback Time Next Day After Surgery
Success Rate of the Treatment/Surgery 95-97%
Result - How long does it take for the results to show? Immediate. Best result in 4 weeks
Dietary Restrictions if any? Liquid and soft diet for a week
Complication Rate of the surgery/treatment? 2-5%
Sugery Cost INR 40,000 - 75,000
Side Effects Rarely infection, loss of dimple

Dimples cannot be created by facial exercises or even by devices. These are basically defects in the cheek which are connected to muscle fibers. Hence, a real dynamic dimple can only be created surgically. If done by a well-trained Cosmetic Surgeon like Dr. Mohan Thomas, the dimple will look natural and will match your other facial structures.

The cost of Dimple surgery depends on whether done on one side or both sides and if proper anesthesia or hospital facilities are required. It is very affordable and people who are interested in safe cosmetic procedures have no qualms about the cost. Please contact for more details about the procedure and the cost.

The most important step of dimple surgery is to mark the ideal location for the dimple on your face. Once that has been achieved, the surgery usually takes less than an hour and you can be back home in a few hours. There will be swelling in the cheeks for a few days after surgery.

Our team will advise you specific tests to be undertaken a week prior to the surgery. You should stop smoking 2 weeks before the surgery, and if you are on blood thinners or aspirin then, these should stop a week before surgery under the guidance of your treating physician. Medications for high blood pressure, diabetes and thyroid abnormalities should be regularly taken as per prescribed timings.

The surgery results are visible immediately and are usually more pronounced than the final outcome. You should be on a soft non-chew diet for a week.



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