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Pout Perfection: Enhancing Your Lips with Lip Augmentation

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Lip Augmentation


Frequently Asked Questions

We like to assist our clients with a knowledgeable and in-depth collective approach to answer for all your queries and fears with our FAQ mega-base.

The cost of the lip filler depends on the number of syringes required and the type of filler material used. It usually is in multiples of 20k for a US FDA approved filler. It is suggested that you meet the doctor by calling 022 67337500 and discuss your requirements with him before discussing costs.

The longevity of the filler procedure depends on the type of filler used, injection technique and the area of injection. It usually lasts from 08 months to 18 months.

Permanent injectable fillers are usually associated with permanent problems. The only permanent lip augmentation procedure that we at Dr. Mohan Thomas Aesthetics propose is autologous tissue graft to the lip which also feels very much natural.

Perlane, Juvederm ultra plus and Voluma last the longest. We do not use Artecol or Radisse.

Fillers to the lip are usually done after the lip has been numbed either by an anaesthetic cream or local anaesthesia. This reduces the pain of pricking as well as the discomfort after the procedure.


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