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Corrective / Re-Do Cosmetic Surgery

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Corrective / Re-Do Cosmetic Surgery

There is a saying in Plastic Surgery: The enemy of ‘good’ is ‘better’, meaning you have a good result, you try to make it better, and then all of a sudden, everything falls apart and you are sorry you did it. Worldwide the number 1 reason for a bad outcome is when price and convenience (close to home) become the limiting factor for the choice of a Surgeon.

The most challenging aspect of Cosmetic Practice is dealing with a person who has had a not so good outcome or for all practical purposes is not happy with the result. To correct surgeries that have gone awfully wrong is complicated because the original anatomy is modified, with which some important structures might be removed, scars will be left, and scar tissues can be very stubborn to deal with.

Dr. Mohan Thomas Aesthetics has a Team of Expert Surgeons led by the World renowned Dr. Mohan Thomas who is a Master in correcting these Beautification surgeries gone wrong. They genuinely understand what patients go through with such unfortunate events as we have been witnessing an increasing number of cases who are looking for this unique service. The most common reasons for corrective surgery are to resolve bad outcomes in Rhinoplasty, Facial Rejuvenation, Breast Surgery, Liposuction, and the various body contouring processes.

Many reasons can be cited for the adverse results in surgeries:

  • Procedure does not match the patient requirement or findings.
  • Consultation with less qualified or unqualified persons claiming expertise in this unique field limited to the purview of Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons.
  • Failure to understand the limitations of the surgery and a lack of communication between the doctor and patient.
  • At times, unrealistic expectations from patients can also be a reason for unsatisfactory results.
  • The most common revision procedures among the innumerable corrective cosmetic surgeries that we undertake (more than 50% of our practice involves correcting other people’s issues include those on the Face, Body and Breasts).

Revision Rhinoplasty

    It applies to any patient who has previously undergone Rhinoplasty one or more times and desires improvement in the appearance and often the function of the nose. Worldwide the most commonly redone body part due to underestimation of the task at hand by the Surgeon and appropriate degree of Expertise. These are among the most difficult cases Cosmetic surgeons face because of the change in normal anatomy of the nose, scar of the previous surgery and the expectation of the patient who wants a dramatic change.

    Dr. Mohan Thomas is among the top 5 Rhinoplasty Surgeons in the World who can address nose deformity whether caused by trauma or injury, burns, surgery complications or present from birth. His rapport with patients who have gone through the trauma of previous surgeries and his tender approach comforts the patients who will then patiently wait for the right time to undergo the procedure. Many of these surgeries have to be done in multiple stages for the best surgical outcome.

Revision Facial Surgery

    Being the Foremost Cosmetic Surgery Center in India has its benefits and responsibilities as we have to improve the looks of all people who enter this office. People with botched up faces come to meet Dr. Thomas and expect to be restored to their previous looks or even better. Most people have faith in Dr. Thomas’s ability to improve their face and subsequently their lives. This is the most difficult ask which we have successfully accomplished in majority of our patients who keep sending us their letters of appreciation and updating us about their success in life.

Revision Body surgery

    Liposuction has been touted and advertised as a non-surgical procedure and non-surgeons are happily getting trained in Hotels and offering these procedures creating deformities which are hard to fix. Our specialization in corrective liposuction by the use of multiple technologies and ability to transfer Macro, Micro and Nano fat grafts which survive long term in areas of liposuction deformity has helped many young people wear the dresses of their choice as well as be confident in their interpersonal relations.

Revision Breast surgery

    Breast Implants with questionable safety records are offered to keep the costs down since patients are looking for shortcuts to enhance their body image. Corrective procedures when sought are possible and should be carried out by well trained and an experienced Surgeon’s such as available at Dr. Mohan Thomas Aesthetics. Always seek the services of an Experienced, Well Trained and Compassionate Surgeon for your cosmetic needs.

Achieving a satisfactory outcome

    Make sure your doctor understands your requirements and explains to you his treatment plan tailored to your needs. Do not get enamored by the Newest Technology or the Technique.



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